Sliding Cubical

Sliding Cubical


Sliding Cubical ( SF 40 )


Sliding Shower Screen ( SF 40 )

Suitable for 50 kg ( MAX )

•Combination of bottom channel and channel cover forms integrated cill.
•Smooth and Clean Look Shower Screen
•Available in Straight Wall to Wall and Corner Entry System
•SF40 Sliding Shower Screen keeps bathroom area dry. Designed with functional and quality components, this system is easy to clean and maintain.
•Innovative Components:
– Aluminium Top Track Profile and Knob Clamp Roller
designed for smooth and easy sliding.
– Snap on Track Cover option completes aesthetic and
smooth look of front and rear surface of the track.
– Channel Cover piece encloses unwanted open channel.
– Combination of bottom channel and channel cover forms integrated cill. This integrated cill is an option to use as an alternative for kerb.


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