Operating Room Enamel Stainless Steel SCHNELL Panel

Operating Room Enamel Stainless Steel SCHNELL Panel


Namely the Operating Room whose walls and ceilings are made of Stainless Steel SUS 304, fire resistant, Gypsum Board Fire Stop 13mm, Rockwool 100kg.


  • • Wall panels made of stainless steel faced with prestressed glass, resistant to impact, are not only practical but also very trendy.
  • Surface : Stainless Steel 0.6 + Commond Fire attendant Board (16mm)
  • Heat Insulator and materials polyester fiber
  • We provide the products inspeeted and certificated with anti-bacterial coating and natural ingredient, which inactivates bacteria or inhibits their growth.
  • We offer a construction-kit for functional and extensively equipped areas with demand on high quality regarding surface and function.


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