EPS FR & PIR Sandwich Sandwich Panel Operating Room

EPS FR & PIR Sandwich Sandwich Panel Operating Room


It is an operating room whose walls and ceilings are made of anti bacterial Zinc Aluminum with the contents / insulation being EPS FR or PIR. The advantages of sandwich panels are fire resistance, fast installation process, can maintain temperature, humidity and pressure stably.

The advantages and privileges of sandwich panels :
– Installation process fast and practical
– Environmentally Friendly .
– To maintain and Stabilize the temperature, vibration and pressure
– Can be applied outdoors and indoors
– Durable,
– Anti bacterial


Insulated sandwich panels

Consist of :

  • Width : 1000mm (Effective) & 1160mm
  • Skin Up / buttom : Coil Zinc Alum 0.35mm
  • Insulation : Styrofoam Density ( 15kg/m3 to 35 Kg/m3 )
  • Thickness: 50mm, 75mm & 100mm


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