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Garage Automatic Door

    Garage Automatic Door


    Automatic gates can make it easier for you in all situations and conditions, you don’t have to bother getting out of the car to open the gate. Automatic gate door can facilitate you in all situations and conditions. Simply by Remote Control only.

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    Sliding GateLS 2500LS 1840LS 844LS 500
    Max. Leaft Weight2500 Kg1800 Kg800 Kg500 Kg
    Weight15 Kg15 Kg11 Kg8 Kg
    Ambient Temp.-200 – 600 c-200 – 600 c-200 – 600 c-200 – 600 c
    Max. Torque90 Nm60 Nm22 Nm12 Nm
    Speed147 mm/s147 mm/s147 mm/s200 mm/s
    Power Consumption750 W700 W800 W100 W
    Protection classIP 55IP 55IP 55IP 55
    Swing GateLS TOP 391
    Door Width2 M
    Max. Thrust Force3000 N
    Power Supply230 Vac – 50/60 Hz
    Power Consumption 175 W
    Speed10 mm/s
    Ambient Temp.

    Force Regulation

    -200 – 600 c




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